Install and Configure Horizon View Connection Server

Replace Connection/Replica Self Signed Certificate

On your connection server open Microsoft management console (mmc.exe)

Click file and select add/remove snap-in

Select certificate snap-in and press add

Select computer account and press next.

Select local computer and finish

Press ok on add or remove Snap-ins

In certificates management console navigate to a folder under personal called Certificates.

Look for a certificate that has a friendly name of “vdm”

Right click on the “vdm” certificates and select properties

At the properties page change the friendly name from “vdm” to “vdm-old” and then press OK.

Right click on the certificate folder and select request new certificate under all tasks.

Certificate Enrollment wizard will appear. Press next and select Active Directory Enrollment Policy and press next again.

Select the Horizon View template and expand details. Once details has been expanded click on properties.

Under the subject tab configure the following:

  • Subject Name
    • Type: Common Name
      • FQDN of connection/replica server
  • Alternative Name:
    • Type: DNS
      • Hostname
      • FQDN

NOTE: If you plan on using load balancer or alias make sure to include the CNAME FQDN and hostname in the DNS type under alternative name.

Under the general tab add “vdm” in the friendly name section.

Once both subject and general tab are done press ok and then enroll. The enrollment should now be completed.

Open services and restart VMware Horizon View Connection Server

After the VMware Horizon View Connection Server services has restarted. Log into the view admin console and verify connection show green.

You have successfully replaced the self signed certificate.

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